Happy Easter!!




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My favourite time of the year….


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 Yes, I’m just so brilliant. Uh huh, yep. I’m gonna go with that….

But wait there’s more! (in my head this statement is said by Mona Lisa in “My Cousin Vinny”)

I decided that rather than beating myself for not posting more…I will post less! YES! Actually, I can handle once/month and if I want to post more, I can.

Wasn’t that a great idea??

I’ll be back with a monthly post soon.


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….it’s been an entire month since I posted!

I guess Ferris was right when he said… “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it.”

I’ve been watching life lately.

My kids’ and their activities, running them to and fro. Football…Baseball…and rock and roll. YEAH BABY!

I’m only down a couple more pounds. Was 241.5 and I’m now at 215ish. I try to weigh myself on the same day each week and if I don’t, I wait….thinking a miracle can happen.

I have been getting more movement in during the day which is helping slowly. I mean…I get exhausted just taking a shower…it’s not fun.

Alcohol doesn’t help either….trying to slow down on that and find a proper therapist that can deal with that as well as PTSD.

BUT Fall is my favourite time of year!!  Lots of birthdays in my family(s)/circle of friends…plus walking through some crisp leaves or sitting outside watching the leaves fall right in front of you…pretty cool if you ask me.

I’ll have to drive over to the beach and take a stroll. That’s the best time to go imho…September through May.

I have been able to tolerate food better these past few weeks. I still get sick if I drink water…not at first but it seems the more I have, the more nauseous I become. So I stick with Crystal Light or diet cranberry juice or other such things. No soda. Never was a huge fan. If I go out, I usually ask for a club soda w/lime and just sip at it. But that’s a rarity.

And that’s me for now….

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Just another reason…

…why I am a reject….

I’m perusing www.vitalady.com … I buy my cal/mag supplements from her and occasionally some protein samples. I decided to purchase a 2# container of vanilla and possibly chocolate.

OMW…. There are so many brands, so many types. I just kind of sat here staring at the screen. My ADD went into overdrive and I just started skimming. Then I gave up.

Lately, since I ran out of samples, I’ve been dumping in Carnation Breakfast packets (no sugar added) into my coffee frappucinos I make in the morning. See, I get up really late in the mornings and the coffee’s cold by then haha so I just make a frapp or an iced coffee. Lately I’ve been really into the frapps. watch…as soon as I figure out what kind of protein powder to purchase, I’ll be sick of them.

Maybe not.

I also started this “mini” exercise routine given to me by a friend who is a coach and a personal trainer. He’s amazing! He even provides stuff via email! Check him out on Facebook NIA Training Academy. Okay I’m done with the shameless plug LOL

I find it kind of like an oxymoron that when you’re always tired and even walking up steps makes you just want to lay down, that you actually have to do some more movement above and beyond to feel better and not be exhausted. SMH.

So I’ve been doing my mini-workouts several days/week. It does help. But if I can’t do something he’s suggested, then I do something else. I am a type A and I always feel that I have to follow everything to the letter and it’s all or nothing. I am trying not to be like this… after over forty years of being this way, it’s a hard habit to break. (I had to insert the link, you know I did…)

I’m still stuck at a 23# loss since the end of June. I’m hoping the mini workouts will help. I see my surgeon in October. I would love to be down more by then. Time will tell….

Until then, be happy and healthy!



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As in School Dazed LOL

Today was the first day of school for both kids. One of them had a hugely crummy day and I felt badly. Her complaints were mostly legitimate. I can’t wait until we’re done w/this school district.

I  need to start moving. For the past two months it was exhausting even to go up the stairs and my heart would pound for a long time afterwards.  I went grocery shopping and I was so tired when I was done.

My dh says that is because I’m not doing anything. True. But now that I’m doing better, I can start doing little things. Like walking around the block. Swimming in the pool. Stuff like that. I haven’t parked further away like I used to when going places but now I think I can do it.

I have a friend who is a personal trainer. He has ALWAYS wanted to help me for free. I think I may ask him to do a plan for me based on what I have here. And then once I get better at it, I may use his services in his place.

I forget to eat most days and that is a huge problem. And I’m drinking far too much alcohol which was an issue many years ago and now it’s back. Sigh.

My job is getting easier so that’s good. Hoping to volunteer for a non-profit. Just waiting to hear back.

Thanks for listening.


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